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Weekly Round Up
22 February 2018
Latest Companies

Lamifil - Down to the wire

Rail Manche Finance - Innovative back-office information solutions

Cannon Technologies - Protect systems within rail

Radio-Frequency Systems - Telecommunications partner of the transportation industry

Plasser & Theurer - The fruits of three decades of continuous tamping


The hot ticket – keeping the London Underground cool
Over 100 miles of the London Underground network runs through tunnels, which are difficult to cool effectively. François Maurin, Hesop product manager at Alstom, explains how the company is working with TfL to reduce the network’s temperature and carbon footprint.

The great upgrade – modernising the UK’s railway tunnels
Even infrastructure ‘built to last’ can’t truly last forever; eventually there comes a time when elements need upgrading and replacing. Colin Sims, principal engineer at Network Rail, discusses the practicalities of upgrading incredible lengths of Victorian tunnels to maintain the UK’s railway network.

Playing the slots – revolutionising road intersections
Slot-based intersections in concert with self-driving cars could make cities more liveable by doubling road capacity, reducing emissions and improving safety. Elly Earls asks Carlo Ratti, the director of the Senseable City Lab at MIT, whether traffic lights are on the way out and what our commute to work might look like in the future.

The smartest city - free Wi-Fi on the Dubai Metro
These days, we can’t bear to be away from our phones for very long, particularly when commuting to and from work. The implementation of free Wi-Fi on board the Dubai Metro has set a high standard for other networks in the UAE to beat, but will it catch on elsewhere? Sophie Peacock speaks to Dr Spencer Dando from Du to find out.

On the buses - Europe’s Zero Emission Urban Bus System project
Europe’s Zero Emission Urban Bus System project hopes to reduce emissions, improve air quality and lower noise levels across the continent by bringing electric bus systems to the heart of the transport network. Elly Earls meets the project’s coordinator, Umberto Guida, to find out how.

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